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25 January 2021   

Apeks Marine Equipment - Customer Care Policy Statement

Apeks Marine Equipment will strive to continue to design, manufacture and distribute the finest diving and swimming equipment in the world and give the best possible service to our customers. We aim to set clear standards of service and to regularly review and improve performance. We operate in an ethical manner treating customers, employees and suppliers as we would like to be treated.

Our customer care policy will include the following:

Customer Experience:
We aim to understand and measure your expectations in order to provide an enhanced customer experience.
Our aim is to:

  • Conduct regular surveys and welcome feedback whether good or bad.
  • We will take into account any suggestions to improve our service made by both our customers and our staff, and make any changes that will enhance the service provided.
  • We will record and review all dissatisfactions raised in order to improve what we do, wherever possible.

Responding to correspondence:
Apeks Marine Equipment will answer all correspondence including letters, faxes and emails in a fast and efficient manner.
Our aim is to:

  • Endeavour to respond to queries within a 24 hour period.
  • To use email auto response when out of the office stating an alternative colleagues contact details for urgent enquiries.

Apeks Marine Equipment will aim to answer all telephone calls within 4 rings.
Our aim is to:

  • Introduce ourselves and the department in a courteous manner.
  • To accurately take all detail of the call.
  • At all times we will offer practical, clear and timely advice which is specific to your needs and requirements.
  • To transfer calls only when necessary and ensure the transfer is available to take the call to minimise the passing of the customer.

Members of staff will see visitors punctually when an appointment has been made at the office or an external venue. If no appointment has been made, members of staff will see visitors as soon as reasonably possible. All staff will approach visitors in a courteous manner.
Our aim is to:

  • See people within 10 minutes of the appointment time.
  • Maximum length of time a person without an appointment time should have to wait before they are seen is 15 minutes.

Apeks Marine Equipment will endeavour to deliver goods in a timely fashion
Our aim is to:

  • Deliver all UK orders within 48hrs.
  • To deliver all overseas orders in the most cost effective way, to meet all required delivery dates.
  • To endeavour to deliver all orders right first time and in full.

Technical Service:
Apeks Marine Equipment will ensure full technical support and product knowledge is available to support our equipment.
Our aim is to:

  • Ensure all relevant technical detail is circulated prior to new products coming to market.
  • To offer a complete and satisfactory maintenance programme with regular updates.
  • To enrol all internal support staff in a continuous training programme with regards to existing products and new products which may come to market.
  • To ensure when turnaround times are quoted they are met and if delayed the customer is informed.

Environment/ Quality:
Apeks Marine Equipment will strive to continue to produce quality products in line with the environmental accreditation ISO14001, to help reduce our carbon footprint through continuous reviews of the company’s aspects and impacts on the environment, to help maintain the environment for you and future generations.
We will continually work towards maintaining accreditation to ISO9001:2008 and uphold all lifetime warranties on any manufacturing defect on equipment registered to the first owner.
Our aim is to:

  • To continue to meet all aspects of ISO14001 and ISO9001:2008.
  • To continue to measure the carbon footprint of any new product design and reduce wherever possible elements which may be harmful to the environment.

Apeks Marine Equipment will investigate all customer complaints for the service it provides and promptly deal with any complaints received.
Our aim is to:

  • Have zero complaints.
  • To deal with any complaints within 5 working days.
  • To actively inform the customer of the progress should a complaint occur.
  • To ensure the customer receives a total action and resolution should a complaint occur, through the
  • Quality 8D or corrective/ preventative action process.

Customer Quotes:

  • One of the best suppliers in terms of product, stock levels, quality of communication, I wish everyone was this good .- Dive Northampton.
  • You provide a first class product range with a first class service. – Collins and Chambers.
  • Keep up the good work it is always a pleasure doing business with you guys. – Blue Ocean diving.

*Quotes taken from a recent customer satisfaction questionnaire distributed October 2009.

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