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25 January 2021   
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Apeks Marine is a UK manufacturer of breathing and diving equipment. Key products include breathing apparatus, re-breathers, masks, divers system control panels, suit inflation systems and non-magnetic diving equipment.

Specialised in the design, development and manufacture of a wide range of equipment we supply products across a wide range of sectors, including the armed forces and the emergency services.

We are pleased to announce that the Canadian Navy has commenced a programme to replace all 1st stage regulators with the Apeks DST (XTX50) during 2010. The DST was selected in late 2009 as the sole 1st stage regulator for open-circuit SCUBA (compressed air) and surface-supplied diving operations (air and heliox) conducted by all Canadian military divers. This selection was made at the end of an extensive 9-month programme of unmanned/manned testing and evaluation. This programme included field trials during the severe cold water and weather conditions of the Canadian winter. The 3 candidate regulators short-listed for final evaluation were all Apeks regulators (DST, DS4 and FST models) and all of them met the stringent performance criteria required by the Canadian military. The selection of the DST was influenced by the versatility of the swivel turret design and ease of configuration/integration with the existing in-service diving breathing apparatus.

Previously, in 2007, the Apeks DS4 1st stage regulator was selected by the UK Ministry of Defence as the sole 1st stage regulator for use in their air diving operations. The DS4 is now fitted in all self-contained and surface-supplied air breathing apparatus used by UK military divers. This in turn builds on the 2004 listing by the U.S. Navy of the DST, with TX50 2nd stage regulator, as "Authorized for Navy Use (ANU)" in cold water temperatures.

The selection of the DST and DS4 provides further proof of the pedigree, robustness, performance and overall suitability of the Apeks regulator family for military & professional diving operations in all environmental conditions.

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