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21 January 2019   

Apeks Dive Instructor Partnership (UK Scheme)

As a leader in the manufacture of high performance scuba equipment Apeks Marine Equipment Ltd appreciates the importance of Dive Training Professionals in the diving industry.

Instructors work closely with divers and notice the benefits of certain pieces of equipment and problems related to others. We would like to continue working closely with Dive Instructors to help improve our products and service wherever possible. Apeks wants to hear from qualified instructors with suggestions; for instance 'what new products you and your students need, or what improvements you would like to see etc.' Good partnerships are of course two way and there are tangible benefits associated with registering for the Apeks Dive Instructor Partnership.

Specially manufactured products are available for Dive Instructors, Dive Masters etc., via local Apeks dealers.

XTX200 Instructor Regulator, XTX50 Instructor Octopus, Special Instructor Stage3 Set - (XTX200 regulator/XTX50 octopus), Instructor Low Profile Dry Suit Valves, APEKS INSTRUCTOR and APEKS DIVEMASTER polo shirts

SB2000 and NX3000 BCDs are also available.

All UK instructors have to do to qualify for discounts and to register for the Apeks Dive Instructor Partnership is complete a form available from Apeks and attach a copy of Dive Qualifications. Similar schemes operate through selected distributors around the world - ask your local Apeks distributor. If you are thinking of a career in diving remember details of the scheme and immediately you qualify you will be able to take advantage of these special instructor offers.


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