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25 January 2021   

Environmental Award for Apeks

Apeks works with consultants to reduce carbon footprint

Managing the Environmental Way - ISO 14001:2004

We are all aware of the environmental issues we face today. Between 1950 and 1997 the world's population more than doubled. Water consumption had risen by 70%. 30% of the world's rainforests were lost and carbon dioxide emissions increased fourfold.

Apeks Marine Equipment recognizes the impact industry and indeed its own activities have on the environment. Even though we have always had an environmental ethos and a keen understanding and appreciation of environmental issues due to the nature of our business, in 2006 we decided to look at every aspect of our business. We measured the impact each individual process had on the environment with aims to remove and reduce the effect these processes had.

An Environmental Management System was established in accordance with ISO 14001. This has helped us to:
  • reduce energy use
  • reduce use of other resources
  • minimize waste
  • reduce operating costs
  • improve compliance with environmental legislation and regulations
  • reduce environmental risks

After several audits by an external verifier, Apeks Marine Equipment Ltd was awarded ISO 14001 accreditation by The British Standards Institute. An achievement that everyone at Apeks is rightly proud of.

Apeks is the first diving equipment manufacturer in the world to receive this standard. We will pursue the enhancement of understanding and awareness of Environmental issues and we recognize that contribution from everyone at Apeks is essential as we strive towards continual improvement.


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