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21 January 2019   

Low Profile Suit Valves

Our suit valves are designed, developed, manufactured and assembled at our purpose built factory in Lancashire, England. They are also backed by a first class after sales service. When your equipment requires servicing or any repairs you should first contact your Apeks dealer or local distributor. If dealer service is not available contact our customer services department directly by mail, telephone or email: info@apeks.co.uk

We have launched a low profile range of Dry Suit Valves with superior performance and improved styling - Low profile inflation unit and auto-dump valve.

The low profile Auto-dump valve has unique features and offers top performance.

Our low profile inflation valve has a swivel facility and is diver adjustable to any position. We have also designed the valve with a turn of just less than 360 degrees to aid the dry suit manufacturer in attaching to the valve to the suit and for easier general suit attachment and removal by your dealer or suit manufacturer.

If you need any advice on these new products please contact your local Apeks dealer or your local distributor who would be delighted to help.


Swivel Suit Inflation Valve

The swivel inflation valve can as previously mentioned rotate through over 350 degrees to allow the ideal position for the direct feed hose. The stop on the swivel is to allow the valve to be held when fitting or removing the valve from the suit. The valve should ideally be rinsed in fresh water after use. There is no need to try and remove the valve from the suit.

The valve should be stripped down and cleaned and the O rings changed annually to guarantee trouble free operation.

The inflator hose should be rinsed after use and the QD coupling occasionally lubricated with a light lubricating oil.
Semi Auto-Dump Valve

The Apeks dump valve is virtually maintenance free. The valves should be rinsed in fresh water after use and then the remaining water gently shaken off. To remove the valve from the suit the cap should be depressed to over-ride the rotation while unscrewing the locking nut on the inside of the suit.

NB: When Apeks suit valves are fitted to the dry suit, it is important that a rubber backing patch is first bonded to the outside of the suit before the valves are fitted. We would always recommend that Apeks backing patches be used with Apeks valves for optimum seal.


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