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21 January 2019   

Recall of Apeks WTX BCD

Aqua Lung has been made aware of a case of a poorly retained oral inflate button that has worked loose from an Apeks WTX inflator. If the button were to come off, the spring behind the button would also come off thereby removing the tension needed to keep the valve closed. If this were to occur in the water, it could lead to a leak of the BC contents out of the oral mouthpiece.

All Apeks dealers and distributors have been made aware of this issue.

Do not dive with WTX BCD until it has been inspected by an authorised Apeks dealer. If you require any further information please contact Apeks Customer Service Department.

Apeks/Aqualung apologises for any inconvenience this may cause. We are dedicated to making the world’s best diving products and ensuring diver safety at all costs.


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