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21 January 2019   

Status - a major development in diver safety

Status - the only regulators in the world with this invaluable safety feature.

Safety is of paramount importance to Apeks, a world leader in regulator technology. Our new, unique, innovative 'Status' range has been developed with safety at the heart of its design philosophy. It is essential the correct air pressure from your first stage is maintained and that your regulator is in good condition. The Status internal micro-electronic computer continually assesses this vital air pressure and the condition of your equipment utilising state-of-the-art electronics and will actually inform divers if there is something wrong. It also monitors both usage and time visibly informing you when your regulator is due for service.

The electronics are completely sealed and therefore protected against the external environment. Now, for the first time ever, divers know that their first stage air supply is OK just by looking at their regulator.


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Video demo of the XTX Status Display
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