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21 January 2019   

US Navy recommends Apeks regulator

Apeks regulator passes strict US navy tests. September 2004, the U. S. Navy's Experimental Diving Unit report recommends Apeks regulator as Authorised for Navy Use (ANU)

The U. S. Navy's Experimental Diving Unit in Panama City, Florida, produced a report on the performance of the Apeks regulator as a candidate for 'Authorised for Navy Use (ANU) listing' as an open circuit underwater breathing apparatus suitable for use in cold water temperatures.

The Apeks range of Regulators have completed extensive cold and freezing water tests at the Navy Experiment Diving Unit, (NEDU), in America. These tests consist of simulating the regulator through a dive profile to depths as great as 60.7m, (198ft), at temperatures as low as ‘-1.7oC’, (29oF), for a period of up to 45 minutes and breathing rates of up to 90 l/min. Apeks has just been approved by the NEDU for such low temperatures and freezing conditions and has been added to the ‘Authorized for Navy Use’ (ANU) list for this particular temperature of ‘-1.7oC’ .

Due to the dangers of a free flow during a dive, the NEDU carried out this test on several different manufacturers’ regulators, 20 in total. The aim was to find out the regulators which are least likely to free flow in severe cold water ‘-1.7oC’, along with good breathing performance. To our knowledge the Apeks regulator which includes the Dry Sealed First Stage, was the only regulator not to free flow in this test and has subsequently been added to the Military ANU approval list. Apeks first stages are utilized in several markets other than Sports Diving, .e.g. military escape equipment, fire brigade, motor racing teams, chemical decontamination systems to oxygen therapy and re-compressions systems and so on, and have an excellent reputation for reliability easy of maintenance, excellent quality and excellent resilience to freezing.


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