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16 October 2018   

XTX Tungsten Regulator

The XTX Tunsgsten regulator is based on our very popular limited edition Black Pearl and advances the design from the ATX Tungsten. With its own definite look, it has a very different luxurious but hard-wearing PVD coating finish to the Black Pearl. The operating design is based on the highly successful Apeks XTX200 which has proven its ability as a world beating regulator in its own right. The XTX Tungsten is a blend of a very high performance piece of equipment with exceptional good looks and the strength to put up with the rigours of diving. The perfect combination for a top regulator. The ATX Tungsten was a hard regulator. XTX Tungsten is still hard.

The' High Tec' grades of Chromium, Titanium, and Zirconium give this regulator an extremely hard, low-friction Diamond PVD finish (Physical Vapour Deposition - a computer controlled process that guarantees performance and reproducibility). PVD offers extreme protection and high resistance to wear. The XTX Tungsten is suitable for use with up to 40% oxygen as standard and can be cleaned suitable for 100% O2.


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