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21 January 2019   
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Apeks is a name reknowned throughout the world for quality, performance and reliability. We are now pleased to be able to offer Apeks dive computers in our highly respected range of dive equipment.

These innovative and user-friendly computers offer a multitude of features. Both are 2 nitrox mix compatible - 2 mixes - 21-50%, 21-99%. So no need to upgrade as these dive computers will accommodate your diving needs now and in the future in most instances. The Quantum has a user-changeable battery and so no need for costly battery replacement. Apeks Computers offer both audible and visual alarms; backlight display; 60 dive log memory; easy to use and easy to view functions; PC interface is available; computer mode/watch mode/gauge mode; and many more features. Many divers are already happy they have chosen Apeks dive computers and many more are discovering the quality and great value of this equipment. Ask your local Apeks dealers for more information.

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Quantum X Computer
Quantum Computer
Pulse Computer
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