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21 January 2019   
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Our cylinder valves and manifold systems are ideal for all divers from professional expert to new diver. We have worked with many in the diving industry to ensure that we supply the best possible valves looking at every detail, even down to the handwheel material. Extensive tests gave us a soft grip yet shock resistant handwheel which is perfect for purpose. Quality is of the highest standard and each valve is manufactured from a single forged body. All the valves are made at our factory in England, the very same plant that produces our highly respected diving regulators. Every component is made and finished with the same care and attention to detail ensuring that your cylinder valves reflect the quality and workmanship you expect from the rest of your diving equipment.

An extensive range of valves is available; single valves, 232 bar, 300 bar, manifolds covering all cylinder sizes, twin valves, etc. All are made using O2 compatible materials and Nitrox ready valves are also included in our range.

Do not compromise on the quality and reliability of your cylinder valves. They are an integral part of your diving equipment so demand the best and when choosing your cylinders ask your dealers to ensure they are supplied with Apeks valves.

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