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25 January 2020   

Apeks Technical - XTX Status Display

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Of the major diving incidents investigated by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) over a three year period almost half of all regulators tested did not meet the performance requirements of the European Standard for Diving Equipment (EN250). The HSE stated that lack of maintenance, servicing and cleaning were major contributory factors. The HSE recommends the need for regular servicing and maintenance. (Source: Performance of Diving Equipment Report. Prepared by the Health and Safety Laboratory for the Health and safety Executive 2006.)

Apeks has developed the micro-electronics of Status specifically for the extreme underwater environment of Scuba diving and to improve diver safety. All first stage regulators are designed to reduce the very high cylinder pressure down to a more controllable medium or interstage pressure. This medium pressure, which is the driving force of the regulator, is supplied to the second stage which in turn controls the supply of gas to the diver. Knowing the medium pressure is within its ideal operating range gives the diver full confidence that the first stage is at it's optimum before every dive and only a Status regulator displays this information. You will know by quick examination of the display that your medium pressure is ok.

Another unique safety feature of the Status regulator is that it monitors the usage, in hours and calendar months, from when the regulator is first used or last serviced. The diver is informed that the first stage requires servicing by a flashing 'SVC' indicator on the LCD screen. This will occur when the regulator is initially pressurised. To keep your regulator in premium condition it is vital that this is regularly and correctly serviced.
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