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21 January 2019   
Monty Halls' Favourite Regulator – Apeks Flight

It's 13 years since DIVER published MONTY HALLS' first article about a dive-site near Plymouth ferryport.

He had recently left the Royal Marines to study as a marine biologist. Since then Monty has dived the world over and over, initially with his ground-breaking Full Circle expeditions, which caught the eye of the TV producers. He has made many television programmes, including the Great Ocean Adventures series, discovered a lost city off India, written several books and won not only Channel 4's Superhuman title but a Scientific Exploration Society award for services to exploration. Watch out in July for his third BBC series, Monty Hall's Great Irish Escape - in which he lives and works in Connemara with the Irish Whale & Dolphin Conservation Group - and, in 2012, a major new BBC series called Reef.

But what, you ask about his kit?

A quote from an article about Monty's favourite kit in DIVER magazine's July 2011 issue.

“I've just been sent the new Apeks Flight and I've only used it a couple of times, but it's just fantastic. There's a huge movement towards compactness and lightness, but Apeks has always made great regulators.” says Monty.

“I'm told it has a few limitations, in cold water or when you're putting a workload on it, but you sacrifice those things for the lightness and convenience of it, and in 99% of situations it's fine. If temperature was the main consideration, OK, but otherwise I think it works as well as any regulator. I don't use the Flight on the programmes*, but I use(Flight) pretty much (for) everything else.”

*The TV executives prefer Monty uses FFM for underwater communication.
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